Occupy Montreal is just plain stupid

FREE SPEECH ALERT! Not everyone will like this somewhat satirical take.

What started out as a quick Facebook status message and a simple Tweet, has now turned into a full fledged rant. Recently, I posted about what a joke it is that there were Montrealers attempting to stage a similar demonstration against greed and Wall Street, as those that were doing it in places like New York. As a result, some relentless hack kept attacking me for commenting on a pointless public display of squatting, saying I don’t even update my blog. Fair enough. I write for a living and am fairly busy with several projects and clients. It’s hard to find the time or patience to update my blog. But here you are, kind sir. Thanks so much for researching me.

What are these  people doing playing camp in the middle of Montreal? What is Occupy Montreal? It seems like they’re more interested in stockpiling food and setting up media centres, than they are in explaining exactly what they’re doing there and hope to achieve. Minor details, apparently.

The demonstrations south of the border are about the 99 percent versus the one percent. They’re about standing up against the poor U.S. economy and the bailouts. They’re about the housing crisis and foreclosures. They’re about the perennial troubles that the masses have when it comes to healthcare and tuition.

So back to the great white north. Back to the city of Montreal and these geniuses who have willingly flocked to a park, in the middle of a province that is in decent shape. I mean, correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the Quebec economy situation pretty decent as compared to what’s happening to the south? Doesn’t Quebec have the most worker’s rights on the continent? Isn’t this the province with low tuition fees and the country with medicare?

The only thing more pathetic than this hazy attempt at change is the local media’s insistence on giving this sad spectacle a voice and the time of day. They should treat the park dwellers like I do my three-year old when she acts up – just ignore her. Chances are they’ll stop acting out.

What in the name of Warren Buffet are these jokers doing in the park? They don’t even know! Go ahead, ask one of them. See what they say. They’re probably too busy trying to figure out whose turn it is to build the final wall on their cool fort.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a financial guru, nor am I a rich man, to say the least. But I am a realist who isn’t blaming my current standing on ‘the man,’ or on the successful.

If Occupy Montreal wants to take up a worthwhile cause that actually makes sense close to home, I’ve got a perfect fit for these non-conformists and misguided, misled individuals clamouring for a reason to band together.

Don’t occupy a square in the middle of downtown Montreal. Instead, occupy a bridge and demand better transportation and road standards. One quick tip – better bring a raft!

Matthew Ross is the founder of ContentServicing.com, a content and communications provider. He is also the host of Game Points on TSN Radio 990 in Montreal, Canada. You can view/join the show’s Facebook group or become a follower of Matthew at Twitter.com/matthewrossmtl.


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10 Responses to “Occupy Montreal is just plain stupid”

  1. Alexa Says:

    Well put! I was just asked for change outside the dep, they told me they needed money for beer and that it is for the “cause”. Seems to me like a bunch of people who wanted a reason to quit their jobs and party, so they made a US cause their own. In my opinion, if you want to do nothing but sleep in a tent on Victoria Square and rant about lifes injustices, and drink and get high, have at it. But at least man up and stop victimizing yourselves over a problem that has nothing to do with you to begin with.

  2. contentservicing Says:

    Alexa, thanks a lot. .. please pass this blog on to anyone interested… would love to hear comments from others…

  3. alexis Says:

    you’re missing the point entirely…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Every time I pass by the square, I’m reminded by how so many people are stupid and hypocrites.

    One of the people there is a coworker I got into a debate about resorts and how they are “evil” and it affects those countries and didn’t let them develop their economy elsewhere or something like that and injustice and slavery bla bla.
    1) if they had anything else they would find a way to exploit it and turn a profit
    2) you are wearing H&M and Forever 21 so you are a hypocrite, anything you say after that is noise. “But I don’t have the money for it”, as you head out to a terrasse, cigarette in hand to drink some beer. If you have a valid moral stance, stand by it.
    3) nothing is black and white, I’m sure it’s more about corruption than a few resorts on a beach but I’m no expert.

    Stop pointing the finger at other people. If those Americans didn’t have the money to afford those houses, they shouldn’t have gotten those mortgages IN THE FIRST PLACE. It wasn’t the big bad corporate companies who signed the papers for you, gun at head.

    They aren’t free of fault either. And yes, lots of corruption, that is true.

    But protesting about stuff you don’t understand and saying ridiculous things like let’s love each other while you’re high and smell like crap… unacceptable. Get a job, get a life, clearly you have neither. Some people are useless. If you want to have a big tent party and drink and smoke, go in some obscure forest where no one cares.

  5. contentservicing Says:

    Alexis, you have to explain your point of view to call me clueless. I put in your second response because I believe in free speech. But you have to back up your point of view Otherwise, it’s YOU that looks clueless. And thanks. Anonymous, well said!

  6. alexis Says:

    it’s hard to know where to start with this. your style of writing and position that you hold sounds horribly unintelligent. i’m sure it’s a laugh to throw insults around but you’re nowhere near sounding informed. if you do have strong opinions on the occupy movement you’d do a lot better to write with some sense of humility and some sense of cerebral capacity. the occupy movement, above all, serves to challenge the ways in which we live our lives. the ways in which we treat and think about the institutions of power that govern over our lives. it aims to challenge the ways in which we treat fellow humans and those injustices (both personal and institutional) that exist in canada and abroad. you seam to adopt this standpoint (which i’ve heard any number of times) that you’re doing fine and canada in a global context is doing fine. this ignores those who are suffering and marginalized in our society. many of those taking part in the occupy movement are protesting not for themselves but for the rights of others. for those who have been ignored and discriminated against by the sort of egoist thinking that you burst forth with. i’d at least like for you to check out the camp at square victoria. speak to some people there, listen to the music, look at the art, and take in the self expression. the selflessness and the notion that we can influence and change those injustices around us. unless you believe that these injustices simply do not exist… but then you’d simply be ignorant. blind to reality as someone who wears a suite, works a 9-5 and probably has done very little ‘challenging’ in his life.

    • contentservicing Says:

      I approved your comment because I am allowing the opinions to be heard. But to take my satirical take on this situation as gospel and to say I am horribly off base is a little much. Have I been down to the site? No? Will I go? No. I believe in organization and I believe in being taken seriously. Building a tent is not being taken seriously. I am not unaware of the problems in EVERY society in the world. I am aware of the poverty of others. I am aware of the sick and indigent. I am aware of the tyranny and bureaucracy of the city and government. But painting a picture and sitting in a circle is a little too Utopian for me at this point. As taxpayers, we pay for the use of parks and for order in a city. What we don’t want to pay for is the extra police manpower and other city expenses in overseeing and monitoring the frivolous approach of the so-called occupiers. If you really understood the point of my entire post, you’d understand that I was basically saying that we should not have occupiers thinking they are on par in terms of injustices as those in the United States. Period. End of story. THAT was the point of this post. If Montrealers want to demonstrate and organize in community centres or in each other’s homes, great. But let’s not waste people’s time and give those that AREN’T saying anything a place to continue their lack of productivity in today’s world. For the record, I do not put on a suit and tie and sit in an office. I have done it in the past, but I am fortunate to be able to work on my own and from home with various clients. I am not standing up for corporate America. Who I am standing up for are the majority who follow the rules and are tired of a few who squat and clamour for change when they don’t even know what kind of change they are looking for. As far as countries go, Canada is pretty fair and welcoming, pretty safe and compassionate. NO society is perfect. Pure and simple. Perhaps some of these occupiers would be more at home living on a kibbutz or a compound of some sort. But on some level, every society, micro or otherwise, has rules and order to conform to. Just something to keep in mind.

  7. Brad C. Says:

    Alexis, if you plan on criticizing someone’s intelligence, you should first make sure your own comments are punctuated and grammatically correct. Secondly, you can’t argue against someone’s opinion and say yours is better. You brought up hardly any facts/details to rebuttal the author.

    Now to state my own opinon, I feel the general consensus from myself and my friends is that these people do not represent ALL my viewpoints. I am part of the 99% but I don’t have to agree fully with their agenda. Many of these protesters are not fully informed on how business functions in our society, so they sound faily uneducted when they propose taxing the rich at a high percentage. Currently, there are different tax brackets so the rich are paying more, and I very well know that raising it even more in this country where taxes are high in general, will encourage more people to go black market and more deals under the table. But also, why should I have to rely on someone making more money to pay more taxes to subsidize the same services I use for paying less? Is that fair as well? So, there are 2 sides to the coin, most of which, the protesters fail to recognize or acknowledge.

    If the government hadn’t issued the bailouts, I don’t think people understand exactly where the markets would be right now or the economy for that matter. If the banks/insurance cos/other companies didn’t recieve T.A.R.P and other packages, the markets would still be crushed and hundreds of thousands of jobs would not have been saved. The bottom line is there was no easy fix for the mess, bailouts had to be done and we need to move on with our lives. This ‘occupy’ movement needs to come up with better ideas other than taxing the rich via higher taxes or more fees for speculative investments and complaining about corporate greed. They are too focused on their unambitious business oriented ideas instead of constructive and objective points that will actually work.

  8. alexis Says:

    you two are still missing the point i’m afraid. and intelligence doesn’t amount to gramar and punctuation… sorry. i’m talking about challenging the status quo. starting the incredibly hard processing of questioning your own beliefs and actions and those of people around you. those of big businesses and governmental institutions. if the occupy movement succeeds in waking people up for even a few moments, to demonstrate that we can exercise our minds from tired patterns of thought then i believe it’s a truly honorable and important cause. the occupy movement, from what i’ve seen, having been down there almost every day provides an environment for dissent and alternative thought. you cannot grasp this because you are both of the perspective and lifestyle that we oppose. that repulses us and that we wish you could shake. stop thinking simply of yourself, of your friends and family and start to open your eyes to the injustices that affect so many people here in canada and abroad. start to think about your life and the way your mind works. are your thoughts and actions your own or do they mirror the system that you worship. the idea of profit over human life and the environment. the idea that we should chase profit and capital at the expense of so many beautiful, important things.

  9. alexis Says:


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