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Top 10 things I will miss about the Late Show with David Letterman

May 20, 2015

credit: CBS News

At 12:35 a.m. tonight, it’s the end of an era. David Letterman will turn out the lights on what has been a legendary career. While the show’s last couple of years haven’t been as zany or unpredictable as it was in its heyday, Letterman’s departure is a void from late night television, nonetheless.

10. The Top 10 List home offices. Remember Wahoo, Nebraska? For whatever reason, the show stopped naming a city where the Top 10 Lists supposedly originated from. I’m not sure why, but I miss that. I like random, oddball stuff like that.

 9. Biff/Rubert Gee. Letterman had a knack for anointing Average Joes as comedic stars. From Mujibar and Sirajul to stagehand Pat Farmer, they were all great.

8. The suits. He took heat year after year. Yet, he stuck to them. Letterman loved his double-breasted suits – and they loved him.

7. Dave’s Mom. Every once in a while, Dave would put a camera in the Indiana kitchen of his mom and put her on the show. She had great deadpan delivery, as well as the same gap-toothed smile as her famous son.

6. The way he spoke to kids. When Dave would invite young students on to show off their science tricks, he always found a way to make them feel comfortable on stage. “Are you married?”

5. The Christmas tree meatball. It became an annual tradition. The meatball ornament on top of the tree. It was ridiculous. It was Letterman.

4. Outdoor comedy. Every gag and sketch performed on the streets of New York City elicited genuine, spontaneous comedic results. From turning a hose on the crowd to cutting people’s pants into shorts, it was always great.

3. Paul Shaffer. No one loved his job more than Paul Shaffer. After more than 30 years with Letterman, Shaffer’s comedic timing and second banana chops were legendary. He was the best complimentary character a host ever had. Oh, and he was a pretty great musician, too.

2. Self-deprecation. You always felt like Dave was insecure. Why? Because he constantly took shots at himself. Dave’s regular poking fun at himself gave him an endearing quality. How can you not like a guy who may or may not like himself?

1. Quick wit + camera look-in. Whether it was the guest saying something outlandish or Dave himself striking with a comedic dagger, it was Dave’s unique facial expressions and peer into our living rooms that we never got tired of. No one did it better.

I know you gave them up, but you’ve earned one more cigar, Dave.