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Top 5 Rock n’ Roll Voices of All-Time

May 12, 2011
Let me start this list with the required disclaimer that any list like this is subjective. Everyone has an opinion, and here’s mine. Here we go.

5. Bono – I know, you’re thinking U2‘s Bono isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you think of Rock singers. But based on his

Is anyone bigger than Bono

body of work, his versatility, longevity and incredible following, we’re putting him on this list. Bono himself has been critical of his own singing abilities on occasion. But who is he to argue with millions of albums sold and countless accolades. My dad dimisses Bono as a whiny voice. I prefer to think of his sound as soulful, expressive, pouring directly out from his heart. Every lyric resonates, every story told is impactful. For all of these reasons, Bono is on my list.

4. Steve Perry – Lately, my young daughter has forced me to listen to Wheel in the Sky over and over. I never really mind (well, okay, after the eighth successive time I do) because Steve Perry’s voice IS music. You can’t have a list like this without considering Perry for a spot in the top ten or even top five. One true testmanent to his unique, powerful and exciting sound is that very seldom are Journey songs ever remade. No singer wants to be compared to what Perry brings to the mic.  You can’t even sing one of his songs in the shower, because invariably you get annoyed that you can’t sound even a tenth as good as him. Hell, if he can make Oh Sherrie a hit, you know he’s got a heck of a voice.

3. Chris Cornell – No one has ever made alternative music sound as deep or as meaningful as Chris Cornell. He’s probably the least

Chris Cornell doesn't get his due

known on this list and probably lags behind in terms of commercial success. However, Chris is so good he can even mumble in a song and it sounds fantastic. Cornell grew famous with Soundgarden, but also headed Audioslave and went out on his own. He’s sort of an enigma, but his sound is so unique it hits your ears like a freshly prepared rock sermon every time. Personally, he’s my favorite of all-time, but I had to recognize the talents of the two men that sit 1-2 on this list as well.

2. Robert Plant – The man, the myth, the legend. Robert Plant’s high octave voice is unmistaken. No singer ever put more energy into every verse than Plant. He’s the top singer for many, many rock disciples. Plant is another one of those unique talents that’s simply too good to ever be covered. Plant’s voice almost sounds like an instrument, finely tuned and ready to be rocked at a moment’s notice. I’m not the biggest Led Zeppelin fan in the world, but I can certainly respect the talent that is Robert Plant.

1. Elvis Presley – If you’re going to start a revolution and get the world to listen to a new sound, you better have a damn good

Elvis - The King of this list

voice. Elvis wasn’t just an icon for rock and roll, he had the chops to back it up. Preseley demonstrated range, he connected with audiences and he put everything he had into each and every song. Whether he was young Elvis or fat Elvis, he was the man when he stepped to the mic. When they’re still talking about you almost 60 years later, you know your voice had the ability to reach anyone, anywhere, any time. The King is the king of this list. Thanks you for reading, thank you very much.

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